Rooting (not that kind) (and not that kind either!)
Eric Scott

This is an intro level workshop to rooting to and through the earth. Whether you are looking to start learning to be difficult to move physically or metaphysically. We will be using various martial art stances and techniques which can be adjusted for various mobility levels. Here we are focusing specifically on one aspect of energetic use rather than being broad spectrum. Knowing how to root oneself and ground oneself to the earth is important. Just as important is knowing how to root and ground without dumping one’s own negativity completely into the earth. While this might seem harmless from a certain point of view it can have drastic impacts on the surrounding flora and fauna. In short, we will be looking at rooting and grounding while caring about how we do so.

Bio: Eric has trained in martial and combative arts for 23 years. He holds 2 blackbelts and is working on his third. This has taught him a variety of really cool things, but he will tell you that the most important life saving techniques he knows are rolls and falls. By that same token, knowing how to work with the earth has helped him in many situations.



Local Native Plant Medicine

Together we will enjoy the beautiful New England Woodlands and learn how to sense, harvest and use Plant Medicine while always giving gratitude for their teachings. 

Plant Medicine is not like a pill that covers symptoms, it is a lifestyle change of better atunement to your own body and natural surrounds. A notebook and or camera might prove useful for this teaching.

Ages: 12-18 with Parent
Mobility: Able to do light hiking through the woods

Bio: ThreeHawks has been studying and using plant medicines for almost 40 years. He is an avid gardener and landscaper, who has spent his life pursuing a deeper connection with plants and the environment.

Sovereignty and the Land
Anna Oakflower

Celtic Myth is littered with stories of Sovereignty Goddesses. Rhiannon, Elen of the Ways, Macha and her different forms to name but a few. There is also the story of Lady Ragnell and the right to choose for herself. We will explore this concept of Sovereignty of the Land through some of the ancient stories and see how they can empower us and what it can mean for our spiritual practice today.

Bio: Anna became a member of OBOD around the turn of the century. Since then she enjoys walking and exploring the Druid path. She grew up in Germany in a Celtic homeland and spent most of her family holidays in Cornwall, where her love for stone circles and ancient history was fostered. Among others she studied Celtic Civilization in Edinburgh. In Germany she was working as a healer. Two years ago she took the leap and moved to Connecticut. She loves exploring the connection to the land and feeling the different energies of the different places.

Make your own smudge pot or deeply meaningful god/goddess figure out of mud (clay)
Sarah Fuhro

Using a basic and ancient pottery technique, we will create a vessel for ritual use as a smudge pot, or maybe a sculpture of a helpful spirit. tools: our hands and found objects.

Bio: Sarah is a Potter, and a member of the Needham Pottery Studio, founding member of Feet of Clay pottery studio in Brookline, makes lots of clay stuff and sells it. Sarah was a pottery teacher for many years.



Alternatives to the Modern Smudge
Alec Mayer

While White Sage and Palo Santo are great, they face the dreaded consumer frenzy our race tends to fall into. These are not the only tools available to us though. During this workshop we’ll go over alternatives to these common cleansers and how to find, sustainably harvest or grow, and utilize them.

Participants should be aware of their own allergy situations for a multitude of herbs and plants and minerals we may use. There will be some waking involved to show plant habit.

Bio: Alec is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, & Druids. His day job is managing a retail Garden Center, along with being the grower for all the greenhouses on site. His passion for the Wyld Wood and explorative nature are what guide him to finding balance between the natural world and modern society.

Bread Making
Derek Batz

The art of making bread is a formidable and daunting task to most however it is quite a rewarding feat. Making bread can be a long process and can be difficult to get right unless you already know how to do it, but baking a well-made loaf is well worth the efforts involved. With some simple techniques and some hard work you will find that even you can make bread. You may find that it becomes meditative and that you look forward to spending that quality time with the dough.

I will show you some techniques to know when your bread has been properly kneaded and strategies on proofing the yeast. We will work with the dough so you can understand the process and learn by doing. Together we will make rolls for that evenings dinner and a special bread to share during the ritual.

We will briefly go over the history of bread and yeast through the ages and how that is affecting our health now.

Bio: Derek likes to refer to himself as a farmer of yeast. For a long time now he has enjoyed cooking and baking and likes to experiment with different combinations of foods. He also own Dragonfire Meadery where he brews with intention and for ritual purposes. When Derek discovered the wonder of making bread he was hooked, the wonderful smell of yeast fills his mind with memories of home and his heart with thoughts of the country. There is nothing like a fresh piece of toast with butter to make you feel satisfied and grounded.

Terraforming: Drumming Mother Earth’s Rhythm
Sir Hex Nottingham

We will explore multiple aspects of healing sound and Spiritual Drumming including:

-Drum Circle etiquette – Ego vs. confidence – Listening – Alpha drummers and beta drummers – Dynamics – Volume – The benefits of multiple teachers – Natural rhythm – Pacing and the metronome tactic – Tempo variations and melding – Trancing – Solitary vs group vs dancers vs Fyrespinners – Sending and sensing energies – Widdershins vs deosil – Timing and anticipation – Intuition – Heartbeats for prayer circles –

And we will drum along to a recording of a live drum performance to lock our listening connection.

Bio: In 2013, Hex raised as a Shield Knight and ordained a Priest of the Stonehenge Druids, and in 2015, he was appointed their Principle Drummer. Along with being a symphonic band percussionist for 6 years, he held the position of Centre Snare in the Marching Hornets Drumline. A life long Witch, studying since childhood, Hex has made 5 pilgrimages to the United Kingdom visiting some of the most sacred Druid and Celtic temples and working with many amazing people along the way, even sharing the stage with international Pagan recording artist Damh the Bard to an audience of 400 Druids in Glastonbury, and two private shows of 100 in Pennsylvania. In 2015, Hex conducted the Midsummer Sunset Ceremony to tens of thousands inside Stonehenge, and is part of the global Druid community.

Children’s Workshops

*Rock Painting–with some templates to inspire, kids will learn some simple runes and symbols to paint on a special rock.
*Nature I.D. and Walk–we will go on a nature walk to identify and learn about some local plants. We will gather them for 2 of the other activities.
*Nature Prints with Air Dry Clay–with some of the treasures collected on the nature walk, kids will make nature prints with clay to keep on their altars.
*Kids Drum Circle–with Sir Hex Nottingham.  A children’s drum circle lead by Sir Hex. (drums provided)
*Creating Eco-Friendly Offerings–using completely eco-safe ingredients (including some of the items from the nature walk) kids will create offering stones with intent to leave for the fae, goddess/god, ancestors, etc.