BAM Staff

Meet the BAM Staff and go over the rules of the camp.


Finding Your Voice

Catriona McDonald & Faewien Hanks

OBOD founder Ross Nichols is often quoted as saying “Ritual is poetry is the world of acts.” Poems are meant to be spoken aloud, so that their power and passion may be radiated out into the world.  The same is true of ritual, particularly group ritual.  In this workshop, participants will learn (or perhaps be reminded of!) the basics of supported breathing and open posture, which lead to good vocal projection in a ritual context.  There will also be a discussion of group ritual tips and tricks, and a chance to share the best of what we’ve learned as a community to create powerful and moving ritual performances.

Bios: Catriona McDonald is an OBODie, as well as a ritualist and cat-wrangler for Mystic River Grove. An archaeological researcher by day, a crafter and writer by night, she has contributed articles and poems to Touchstone, Druid Magazine, Gods & Radicals, and various anthologies, and she has presented multiple workshops at both MAGUS and the OBOD East Coast Gathering.  Check out more Druidic rambling goodness on her blog, The Druid’s Well.

Faewien is an Ovate Grade member of The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. In her day job she is the Chief Operating Officer running an innovative company. At home she has successfully raised three members of the tribe, two into modern adulthood with a third making their way there!


Herbs of Magic and the Fae

Ellen Evert Hopman

The basics of herb magic will be covered and participants will learn how to approach any plant and use it for magic. Ellen will also cover traditional herbs to use for luck, magic, protection, purification, abundance, fertility, and love, as well as the herbs of the Faeries and Elves and herbs for journeying to the Otherworld and for contacting the High Gods and Goddesses.

Bio: Ellen Evert Hopman lives in Massachusetts. She is a registered Herbalist with the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) and the author of a number of books on Herbalism, Druidism and Celtic Spirituality. She has been a teacher of herbalism since 1983 and a teacher of Druidism since 1990. Her newest offering is a children’s book, Once Around the Sun: Stories, Crafts, and Recipes to Celebrate the Sacred Earth Year. Purchase signed copies from the author and find her books and blog here.


Crown & Wreath Crafting

Carolyn Batz & Lolly Nicol

Dana O’Driscoll states that, “The energy of air, manifesting metaphysically, offers us clarity, knowledge, wisdom, focus, and objectivity.” During this hands-on crafting workshop, we will honor these brain-powered manifestations by creating crowns and/or wreaths to adorn our heads, and dining hall, for The Feast. We will be incorporating eco-conscious practices by utilizing second-hand craft supplies, and embracing a creative use for the invasive (and protective) plant, Bittersweet.

Bios: Lolly is the founder of The Greener Gift, a small business focused on making greener living more fun, easy, and accessible. She utilizes her crafty skills to create eco-conscious textile goods and to share and inspire folks to live a greener lifestyle through education and workshops. She is in the Bardic grade in the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids — and has been for several years as she enjoys the crafty side of life and exploring her druidry in this hands-on fashion. 

Carolyn is an Ovate Grade member of The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. She’s done a wide range of work, from co-running a Fairy Commune experience, to veterinary care, and Homesteading. Carolyn is also the official Mead Taster for all of the trial and experimental Meads at Dragonfire Meadery along with being an amazing support for multiple gatherings.


Sanshin: Breath-based Movement Using Dynamic Tension

Eric Scott

This workshop continues the exploration of energy that was started at BAM year 1 Earth. This time we will be looking at the way breath, focus, tension and release, and movement can shift energy through our bodies and conversely give us focus, release, and relaxation. This is an introduction to Dynamic Tension and the concept of Sanshin in the Japanese arts. There are many methods and interpretations, this is merely one of them.

Bio: Eric has been working with energy in some form or fashion since 1997. He has been training in various martial arts since 1995. He holds instructor rank in 3 systems and is preparing for his 4th. He is also a Reiki 2 practitioner in the William Rand Lineage. His spiritual practice is primarily Norse Paganism.


Open Forum

BAM Community


Sky to Earth: A Living Ritual

Sarah Fuhro & Robert Pacitti

Join us as we create a living ritual to honor the deep and ancient relationship between the Fixed Stars and the spirits of the Earth! We will harness the Natal Star powers of our community to create a bridge to the spirits of our lands and honor them through connective work and offerings. Aldebaran! Regulus! Antares! Fomalhaut!

Bio: Sarah Fuhro is a graduate of the Astrology Institute’s certificate programs in Astrology and Astrological Counseling. She has combined her background as an astrologer with her training as a certified Flower Essence practitioner to work with clients in a unique combination, which she calls, Star-Flower Alchemy. Sarah has been a member of the teaching Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids since 1990. She is involved in the training of other Druids and is an active member of the Boston Grove. Her love of the natural world and her Druid training enable her to hear the messages of the flowers she offers her clients. Sarah is also a professional Tarot reader and teacher. She offers her students a deep knowledge of the Western Mystery Tradition which she has studied since 1976.

Robert Pacitti is a druid, astrologer, and magician from western Pennsylvania. He is a member of several druid orders and is a founding member of the Sun Spiral Grove. He enjoys spending time on the homestead with the flora and fauna, especially his fanciful guinea hens.


Children’s Workshops


Crown/Wreath Making

Children will be creating crowns or wreaths that they can wear upon their heads for The Feast. They will be utilizing natural elements of the local land, channeling their creative spirit guided by adults. While creating their crowns and wreaths, they will be taught an understanding of why focus is related to the element of air and why their focus while creating their masterpieces help to bring them to having a better connection to air.

Book Binding

Children will learn how knowledge and air are connected while working with materials to bind together books. They will be able to learn and understand why books are connected to knowledge, which will help them to further connect to the element of air. While binding their books, they will be taught why knowledge is important and that seeking knowledge will help them to be able to create a better connection to air in their own ways.

Wind Catcher Creation

Children will be using materials from the land to create what is known as a wind catcher. While creating their wind catcher, they will learn of the importance of air and what it is known to stand for, as well as how the wind catcher connects to that understanding of air.