2019 ~ Earth: Putting Down Roots

Thursday, Sept. 12th – Sunday, Sept. 15th


Building Our Foundations

Welcome to BAM, a Druid gathering! We’re a brand new OBOD-based Druid camp located in the rich forests of central Massachusetts.  

For our first year, we’ll be focusing on building strong foundations for this camp — weaving deep relationships with each other and the land, establishing community expectations, and developing our methods of self-care, community-care, and Earth-care.

While BAM is OBOD-focused, we welcome Druids of other traditions as well as friends and family.  With activities for all ages, we encourage participation regardless of gender, sexual orientation or ethnic origin. This statement reflects the values we consider central to our philosophy: of tolerance and inclusiveness that completely rejects expressions of racism, sexism, fascism, homophobia, and transphobia.