Packing Lists

Whether this is your first Druid camp event or you’re a veteran, be sure you’re well prepared.  The weather can turn quickly in New England, so be ready for cold!  Layering clothing is advised, as is a sleeping bag rated to 20 degrees F and extra blankets for chilly evenings.  Rain gear is a must–plus, a change of shoes and a pair of dry socks can turn a soggy experience into a pleasant one.

Since this is a family friendly environment, please dress accordingly, i.e., no skyclad.  Though heatwaves in September are rare in Massachusetts, should one occur, dressing as one would at a public beach is fine.

While we remind you to pack chargers for electronic devices, we also gently encourage you to join in with the shared communal experience—try sketching that unique bug instead of snapping a pic, or exchanging pieces of paper with addresses with a new friend instead of immediately reaching for the miracle box.  And, of course, please turn off all electronic devices during rituals and meditations.

For the Practical Druid

  • *Sleeping bag (20F rating), pillow, and any other desired bedding
  • *Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap/shampoo, comb… remember, wet wipes are your secret weapon!)
  • *Towel
  • *Plastic bin/compression bags/suitcase for clothing or other items that should stay dry
  • *Days on site +1 extra of: socks, undies, shirts, trousers/skirts/kilts
  • *Sleepwear
  • *Hoodie/sweater/shawl
  • *Coat/cloak (waterproof if possible)
  • *Sturdy walking shoes plus another dry pair
  • *Rain boots/wellies/muck boots (just in case)
  • *Water bottle
  • *Mug
  • *Bug spray/sun screen
  • *Vitamin C/zinc/elderberry syrup
  • *Headlamp/flashlight with red-toned light
  • *Extra plastic grocery bag for litter
  • *Chargers for devices
  • *Tent/poles/tarps/cot/sleep pad (if camping)
  • *Self-care items, e.g., favorite tea, snacks, bedtime reading, etc.

For the Esoterically Fabulous

  • *Robes/ritual wear
  • *Drum/rattle/bells
  • *Musical instruments (please be mindful of the outdoor conditions!)
  • *Sacred waters to share
  • *Journals/pens/art supplies/other Awen-channeling tools
  • *Favorite divination tools (tarot, runes, ogham, scrying bowl)
  • *Face paint or biodegradable glitter
  • *Curiosity, wonder, and a sense of humor!

Especially with Kids in Mind

  • *Anti-hangry charms (a.k.a. snacks)
  • *Diapers and sundry for teeny Druids
  • *Two extra sets of clothing, esp. socks, undies, and pants
  • *Stuffed critters, blankets, MP3 players (with headphones), or other comfort items